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General questions

A brainstorming session is a compelling crowdsourcing technique which aims to produce the maximum number of ideas on a specific subject or question. Ideas need not be realistic nor precise. It's their number that counts!

A key factor for a successful brainstorming session is to create an atmosphere that will stimulate creativity. A pleasant atmosphere will make the brainstorming all the more enjoyable!

Brainstormings are a powerful tool to foster collaborative intelligence. Specialists and non-specialists in a specific field can work together on a subject or question and find innovative solutions.

It is also a playful and creative activity that might enable you to meet new people, find a job, a partner or associate and even win awards and gifts!

1. Express any idea that comes up to your mind about the given question or topic, even if it seems eccentric, ridiculous, funny, unrealistic, incomplete...

Important rule: never criticize an idea! At this stage, it is important that no judgment be made on others' ideas, but also (and that is sometimes more difficult) on your own ideas!

2. Bounce on others' ideas to make the exchange richer and help produce new ideas!

3. Invite your friends and contacts to your brainstorming session.

4. Click Comment to add your comment to an idea. Be careful not to start a discussion or raise doubts. That is not the goal at this stage.

5. Vote for the idea(s) you like best. Ideas with the most votes will win the « People's choice award »

To get as many contributors as possible, you (the organizer) need to invite your friends, contacts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Viadeo. ..). Our email tools will be of great help to you with that task.

The brainstorming organizer facilitates and supervises the process. When the brainstorming is over, he/she can choose to keep, sort, enrich the collected ideas to meet his needs.

For increased participation, you can choose to reward the best contributors when the brainstorming session is over. Awards can either be gifts or money awards.

  • Jury's awards will be allocated by the brainstorming's organizer to selected contributors.
  • People's choice awards will be allocated to those contributors whose ideas will have received the most votes at the end of the brainstorming session
  • Ideas for a new product name
  • Ideas for a product design
  • Ideas for new product to add to my catalogue
  • Ideas for new service to offer
  • Ideas for a new communication tool
  • Ideas for a web page design
  • Ideas for an advertising film script
  • Poster ideas
  • Motto ideas
  • Buzz ideas
  • ...
  • Ideas for new services
  • Ideas to improve daily operations
  • Ideas to improve communication between people
  • Ideas to integrate new neighborhoods, communities
  • Ideas to increase business
  • Ideas to increase jobs
  • Ideas to develop social network
  • ...
  • Ideas to increase traffic
  • Ideas to improve website's functionalities?
  • Ideas to improve site's ergonomics
  • Ideas to improve website's graphic design
  • ...
  • Ideas for brand name, company name
  • Motto, base line ideas
  • Design ideas
  • Project launching ideas
  • Ideas for creative communications
  • Buzz ideas
  • ...

You can if these persons have agreed so and if they have entered an email, Facebook, Twitter ...
We will soon set up new tools to improve communication between members.

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Questions asked by organizer

Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed results! But the following proven practices will help boost your brainstorming:

  • Title: it will be your brainstorming's pitch (see below)
  • Rewards: statistics prove that brainstorming sessions with rewards collect five times more ideas than those without rewards. See also below: Why allocate an award?
  • Communication: to make the most of your brainstorming, you need to communicate about it on your own social and community networks, at least at the beginning. Once the first ideas have come up, the subsequent buzz can generate tens or hundreds of ideas within a few hours! See below : How can I communicate on my brainstorming session ?

The title or question is a crucial element, your pitch! It should be altogether simple, stunning, concrete, it should bring out an emotion, tell a story!

If you encounter difficulties, contact us, we'll help you

  • Either via Videodesk (move your mouse to the blue widget on the upper right side of your screen and click)
  • Or by email click here

A brainstorming session is a creative place and creating is fun! Contributors to your brainstorming session are mostly motivated by the fun they will experience.

Collecting a great number of ideas from different people's minds has a true value. Those who have spent weeks or months looking for the right name or motto will understand this.

Many organizers think contributors deserve more than a mere “thank you” at the end of a brainstorming session.

When the brainstorming session is over, our platform enables you to allocate up to three Jury's awards and up to three People's choice awards.

  • Jury's awards are allocated by the brainstorming organizer.
  • People's choice awards are automatically allocated to ideas with the most votes.

Awards are allocated on an individual basis, according to the organizer's choice.
People's choice awards increase the brainstorming's playful aspect with a competitive factor.

Those who really enjoy playing will want to invite their friends to participate which will increase traffic and consequently make your brainstorming more visible.

The organizer is free to use ideas or not, and he/she is not liable in any way to the winner.

You can choose to allocate either gifts and/or money awards to the best contributors when the brainstorming session is over.

Cash is more attractive to contributors unless you find an appropriate gift (something everyone will like, or a funny, interesting or off-beat gift).

Gifts are often a good solution for those starting up on a project who want to thank contributors in some way (they usually have no cash to give away). If you choose the gift award, be creative !

Beware: well-known brands and well-set companies who use our platform without giving away any awards might give a negative image of their company.

We’ve designed various tools to help you communicate on your Brainztorming:

  • A BrainZtorming widget or plugin to add to your website or blog
  • Share or communicate on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, LinkedIn, ...
  • Invitations for your email contacts and Facebook friends
  • Customization, design of a logo and of a background page (for Pros only).

If you have difficulties installing our widget on your website, feel free to contact us

Questions frequently asked by contributors

Looking for ideas is like playing! Once you’ve played, it is very likely that you will want to participate again!!

We’re seeing the birth of a new community on BrainZtorming. Join our community, you’ll never be bored! New tools will come up soon to enhance that aspect

The organizer decides the amount of money or the type of award he/she wishes to allocate when the brainstorming session is over.

Besides the awards allocated, our platform allows contributors to show their creativity and increase their e-reputation. We are currently working on innovative gaming tools.

When participating to a brainstorming session, you lose all intellectual rights on your ideas as described in our General Terms and Conditions of Website Use and our Terms and Conditions of Sales.

If you think your idea has a real commercial value for the organizer, we invite you to contact him/her and discuss the value of this idea.
Be sure to have him/her sign a confidentiality agreement before you give your idea out.