Online brainstorming: Definition

What is a brainstorming session?

A brainstorming session is a crowdsourcing technique which aims to produce the maximum number of ideas on a specific subject or question. Contributors are invited to freely and openly share their ideas as they come.

Any idea is welcome, whether it is eccentric, unrealistic, provoking, funny… and it can bounce up to a new one!

The goal of a brainstorming session is to provide as many ideas as possible to the event initiator in order to solve a problem and/or develop creativity.

The term « brainstorming » appeared on the communication market in the 50's. Today, it is widely used in various organizations (business organizations, associations, public services, private groups…).

What is BrainZtorming about?

BrainZtorming is an online service which helps you create a brainstorming session easily. Anyone can post an idea, contribute to someone’s ideas or vote for his/her favorite ideas.

To encourage participation, the brainstorming administrator can offer gifts and/or money awards to reward the best contributors.

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