How to create / organize an online brainstorming session?

1 Your brainstorming's title - First key factor

Your brainstorming's pitch. The stronger the pitch, the more successful the brainstorming.

Be creative! The pitch should be altogether easy to understand, stunning, concrete. It should bring out an emotion, tell a story! It can be written with very few words. Need help ? I need help for the title

2 Brief, description

Give more information about your brainstorming.
Write about the brainstorming's general context, the kind of ideas you are looking for, your values, your style. If you choose a public brainstorming, don't forget to explain technical words and abbreviations.

Do not be afraid to set a frame to your brainstorming! Contrary to general belief, creativity is increased when limitations are set.

Do work on your title and your brief! If you choose to reward the best contributors when the brainstorming is over, be sure you have decided so before launching your brainstorming. Once started, your brainstorming's rules are edited and can't be modified.

3 Brainstorming status

BrainZtorming allows you to choose among different brainstorming status: public, private or restricted.

4 Choosing a category and rewarding the best contributors – Second key factor

Basic category:
With BrainZtorming , you can create and launch a brainstorming for free. This category is best for a first try, a test. The number of contributors is limited to 10.

Pro category: Pro Brainstorming
This category allows you to give awards (gifts or cash) to the best contributors when the brainstorming session is over. Unlimited number of contributors.

A brainstorming with rewards collects 5 times more ideas! A brainstorming with rewards collects 5 times more ideas!

5 Organizer information

Enter company/organization data here. If applicable, also enter job description, products and services produced, company/organization size, information about clients or users...

Enter your website address if applicable.

6 Beginning and ending dates of your brainstorming

You can choose the beginning and ending date and time of your brainstorming. .

Warning: if you choose a brainstorming with awards, you won't be able to change any of the following after the brainstorming has been launched: title, brief, launch and ending dates, rules and types of awards. Don't be hasty ! Give yourself enough time to read it over and have others read it too.

7 Brainstorming Rules

If you choose a brainstorming with awards, our platform will automatically generate a Rules proposal. You're free to edit or approve these Rules. See an example of Rules (FR)

8 Payment

Your brainstorming is ready to use.
It can be launched as soon as payment is received (credit card, bank transfer, check).

9 A good-looking brainstorming session never hurts!

Customize your brainstorming session by adding your logo or a background image (only available for Pro option)

10 Communication – Third key factor

For a successful brainstorming, it is very important that you advertize it on your social network by inviting all your email contacts and Facebook friends.Use our available tools for that purpose! You can also download our widget on your website or your blog so all the visitors on your website/blog can participate.

11 You are your own brainstorming's facilitator!

Show your interest in the suggested ideas and react. Contributors will appreciate your implication, your encouragements, if you show your preferences!

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