How would you use Google Glass?

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Glass is, simply put, a computer built into the frame of a pair of glasses, and it’s the device that will make augmented reality part of our daily lives. With the half-inch (1.3 cm) display, which comes into focus when you look up and to the right, users will be able to take and share photos, video-chat, check appointments and access maps and the Web. Consumers should be able to buy Google Glass by 2014.

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My main idea would be, when travelling or simply walking, just take a picture of a thing i came across and ask glass what this is... google reverse image search, and then link to some webpages explaining, history, name, where can i buy one etc...
Would be great to know the source of everything you have around you no ?


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Close to this idea : just have to look at something to get the user guide. ie : for ikea furnitures, how to use a software, to use a camera ...

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pairing two glasses would be very cool :) you can chat, or even follow each other and never lost your pair in the crowd or subway... and why not make stereoscopy photos


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Launching date May 3, 2013 12:27:00 PM (UTC)
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